What is Sales and Marketing?

What is Sales and Marketing: Marketing is the technique to identify, anticipate and then meet the wants and requirements of customers to earn a profit. In contradiction, sales involve assurance of the customers that products or services you provide are beneficial for them. Hence, a careful formulated combination of sales and marketing is a key to successful […]

What is Marketing Plan? Explain its Elements

What is Marketing Plan: A marketing plan is a well written document or a blueprint that outlines in complete details in which the organization accomplishes by following the plan. The plan should consist of specific strategies when implemented and will help the organization achieve its aim. So, What is Marketing Plan The main context for the marketing plan lies in […]

Types of Marketing Strategies

Types of Marketing Strategies Marketing strategies are majorly determined as follows: Social Marketing: It refers to the structure, implementation and control of programs to benefit individuals and communities that increase the acceptability of a social cause or practice among people like, No Smoking campaign in a University, Publicity campaign, etc. Direct Marketing: Direct marketing depends […]

What is Internet Marketing ? Meaning and Definition of Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing ? So What is Internet Marketing: Internet marketing is generally known as digital or online marketing, which offers the best link building in the industry.  Online marketing is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to make that a reality.  A business website is the most valuable piece of any small […]

Marketing and Advertising Jobs in Brief

Marketing and Advertising Jobs There is a possibility that you may encounter the influence of the Marketing and Advertising Jobs in the Industry, while surfing the web, watching television or flipping magazine pages. In this field, the professionals are the mastermind behind all ads and campaigns, and they are also responsible for bringing up the […]

What is Business Marketing?

What is Business Marketing? Explain in Brief What is Business Marketing – Business marketing refers to the practicing of markets of individuals as well the organizations including commercial businesses, governments and institutions that allow them to sell products or services to other companies or organizations that again sell them and use them in their products […]

What is Marketing Orientation – Definition and Meaning

What is Marketing Orientation? What is Marketing Orientation – The term marketing orientation is possibly the most common orientation used in contemporary marketing.  Companies must understand that to find success using a marketing orientation, it is very necessary that all the firm’s resources reach for common goals.  Market orientation aims to monitor competitor’s actions and their […]

What is Mobile Marketing – Meaning or Definition

What is Mobile Marketing? What is Mobile Marketing - Mobile marketing is marketing through a mobile which is a telephonic device, such as a smart phone. It can furnish customers with time and location sensitive, customized information that boosts goods, services and ideas. In a theoretical manner, mobile marketing is characterized as “any marketing activity managed through a global […]

What is Marketing Strategies ? Example of Marketing Strategy

What is Marketing Strategies ? Marketing Strategies Definition - A marketing strategy is a technique or model to permit a company or organization to allocate limited resources on the best possible opportunities to increase sales and hence achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. There are various Example of Marketing Strategy which are explained here. Example of Marketing […]

Definition of Marketing Strategy – Meaning

Definition of Marketing Strategy Meaning or Definition of Marketing strategy – Marketing Strategy is the target of expanding sales and obtaining a sustainable competitive benefit. The strategy of a firm merges all of its marketing objectives into one complete plan.  A fine marketing strategy should be drawn from market analysis and concentrate on the right product mix […]